Italesse “Masterclass 90” Glass (Set of 6 Glasses)

For Your Finest & Rarest!


It’s true: A well-designed wine glass undoubtedly improves your sensory experience. The “Masterclass” series was designed in Italy after years of study into the use of shape and form to accentuate aromatics and flavor. A light and balanced hand-feel makes swirling your wine a breeze. Add Italesse’s “Extreme Resistance” technology and you have a glass that is highly durable and less susceptible to breakage. The Masterclass series make an excellent gift for anyone looking for that great glass to add to their collection. All glasses are sold in sets of 6 and are surprising well-priced given the superior quality! (Allow 7 days for processing orders)

Amazingly light given its generous and elegant shape, and designed to serve fine and full-bodied reds as well as well-structured and complex whites which require a little additional oxygenation. Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo and aged Chardonnay are the perfect choices for this voluminous glass. This is one of our favorites. 32-ounce capacity!

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