Monthly Clubs

As a supplement to our daily offers, we’ve created two unique monthly subscription services for customers seeking a steady influx of great wine. Both provide exceptional value and continuing education for wine lovers of all experience levels.

The Blind Six: Test Your Wine I.Q. & Have Fun Doing It!

Our Monthly Blind Tasting Kit will have you tasting like a pro: Whether you’re hosting professional colleagues or friends, The Blind Six has everything you need to conduct an educational (and entertaining) tasting session:

• 6 hand-selected wines, each bottle wrapped in black tissue (to conceal its identity) and numbered;

• Instructions on how to set up and conduct the tasting;

• Detailed tasting notes & tips for each wine prepared by Ian Cauble, MS

$199.00 per month

Join Blind Six

The Somm Six: Enjoy & Explore

Our monthly “Somm Six” is a rotating selection of staff favorites designed to keep you well-stocked and well-informed!

The selections are a combination of reds, whites, and the occasional rosé from all over the world.

For those who crave new experiences but don’t always get to every one of our daily emails, The Somm Six is designed to keep you drinking well and exploring new frontiers at the same time!

$199.00 per month

Join Somm Six