Whether the world really needs another wine blog is a question we can’t answer. But we do know, unequivocally, that our newly re-designed SommSelect website needs a blog component. Why? Because we want and need a way to engage with people outside of our daily wine offers. As straightforward and functional as the daily offer format may be, there is a lot of information we’d love to share with you that isn’t directly related to the bottles for sale on any given day. In the process of looking for great wines to share with our subscribers, we get to visit interesting and beautiful places, meet intelligent and charismatic people, and generally engage in what’s best described as continuing education. Passing the Master Sommelier exam is hardly the end of the line; In wine, there’s always more to learn and more to discover, and above all else, that’s what this blog will be about. It’s about the wine life, and how to live it to the fullest—through travel, tasting, studying, collecting, and otherwise taking that full-immersion leap that so many wine lovers take.

So what does that look like, in blog form? Well, we get invited to lots of fascinating trade tastings—maybe it’s a brief dispatch from one of those, so you can geek out along with us, diving deep into vineyard/vintage/region and the like. We also go on buying trips to Europe and elsewhere—perhaps, in addition to the small-production Brunello di Montalcino we just found, you’d like to hear about great places to drink wine in Florence? Perhaps most important, we have lots of sommelier friends who’ve taken this immersive leap with us—as you will see, a diversity of their voices will lend greater depth and dimension to our site.

Whereas the daily offers are kind of a one-way street, this blog connects us directly to our subscribers. We welcome your questions, comments, and yes, criticisms (we can take it), and hope you’ll visit us often. Cheers!

Champagne: The Year In Review

Chances are, given the season, you’re drinking more Champagne than usual. And with one of the biggest Champagne occasions of them all right around the corner, we’ve found ourselves not only re-stocking our own supplies but reflecting on a year chock full of delicious Champagne offers. In addition to myself, the SommSelect team includes another […]

“It’s Like Those French Have a Different Word for Everything”

A refresher on some of the more heavily used winespeak in our rotation. One of the formative experiences of my adolescence was my receipt, at the age of 13 or so, of Steve Martin’s comedy album, “A Wild and Crazy Guy.” I’m assuming most of the SommSelect demographic knows this album (and, for that matter, […]

Burgundy’s Game of Inches

When our offer of Boyer-Martenot’s 2016 Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru “Le Cailleret” came up in the queue recently, I was prompted to rummage around in my photos from our visit to Burgundy back in March. And, boom, there is was: A picture of Ian Cauble standing on the narrow path that separates the Grand Cru “Le […]

SommSelect Lands a Whale: Fred Dame, MS

Anyone who’s seen the SOMM Films (a third installment of which is headed to theaters this fall) or spent any time working in the wine trade knows Fred Dame—one of the “O.G.” Master Sommeliers in America and a mentor to many who’ve gone through the MS program since (including our own Ian Cauble). Fred was […]

A Master Sommelier’s Napa Valley Favorites

All of us at SommSelect are thrilled to welcome back our buddy Matt Stamp, MS, who’s not only a great sommelier but a great writer. We asked Matt, a longtime Napa resident, to share some of his favorite spots with our subscribers—read what he has to say below: Some autumn days, Napa Valley feels like […]