At SommSelect, we don’t just sell wine—we tell its story. Our team, led by Master Sommelier Ian Cauble, will help you expand your wine knowledge as you enjoy great bottles from all over the world.

DRINK LIKE A SOMM is a monthly Tasting Session, led by our seasoned sommeliers and featuring artisanal wines from all over the world—wines any sommelier would be proud to put on a wine list or serve to friends. Themes include:

• Old World vs. New World Pinot Noir
• Exceptionally Affordable Sparklers
• Bordeaux’s Right & Left Banks
• The World’s Greatest Island Whites

…and many more!
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Affordable, Authentic, Awesome Wines, Hand-Picked by Top Sommeliers

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B. Millet, Sancerre “Le Chemin Blanc”

Loire Valley, France 2018

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Although it has become popular with wine professionals studying for the Master Sommelier exam, our “Blind Six” can be enjoyed by anyone looking to sharpen their tasting skills and develop a grounding in the most classic wine styles of the world. Whether you’re hosting professional colleagues or friends, The Blind Six has everything you need to conduct an educational (and entertaining) tasting session:

• 6 hand-selected wines, each bottle wrapped in black tissue (to conceal its identity) and numbered;

• Instructions on how to set up and conduct the tasting;

• Detailed tasting notes & tips for each wine prepared by Ian Cauble, MS

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Our Monthly “Somm Six” Keeps You Well-Stocked & Well-Informed

For those who crave new experiences but don’t always get to every one of our daily emails, The Somm Six is a monthly subscription featuring our favorites from the previous month’s offers. The selection is an ever-changing mix of reds, whites, rosés, and sparklers, designed to keep you drinking well and exploring new frontiers at the same time!

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